Earlier this week, Aleksandr Orlov and Sergei of approached their musical idol Gary Barlow with an unusual offer, to play a one-off street party on Coronation Street. Gary accepted their offer after he was pursued through Manchester, and this Sunday he will perform ‘Let Me Go’ on the Weatherfield cobbles.

Aleksandr Orlov said, ‘To celebrate one year of sponsor the Coronation Street, Mr Gary Barlow is make specials perform on the cobbles with villagers of Meerkovo. As famous entrepreneur, television personality and best sell author I am very used to mix with great and good peoples. But to see such a superstar in Weatherfield must have been very excite for him.’

Tune in to ITV from 8.00pm on Sunday 24th November to see special performance, or visit from this time to see the full advert plus additional content.

Gary’s new album ‘Since I Saw You Last’ is out this Monday and is available to pre-order on iTunes now.